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Start To Optimize Busby SEO Test Again

Actually I have arrived to Jakarta since yesterday morning, but considering that my body was not very well, I was not directly to optimize my Busby SEO Test again. Yesterday I took a rest and just sleeping all day long without turning on my cheap Axiio laptop lol.

While for today, I really want to start to optimize my busby seo test again. Do you know what's my strategy at this moment? I believe that some of you already know it, that is, I am just trying to have more backlinks from related sites, especially those sites that talk about search engine optimization or if possible, I will find backlink from any site or blog that specify their contents on Busby SEO Test challenge.

Because finding backlinks is not so easy, that's why I will try to cheat other busby seo test participants who previuosly have collects much backlink for their site. If you want to cheat them, just cheat it, nobody forbid you and forbid us xixixii... wish me luck guys.. bye...

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  1. Hi there…
    Just found your site. I do some support for Indonesian participants at Busby SEO Test World Cup 2 too. I’ll add your site soon.

    Good luck and never surrender… ;)

  2. haii
    according my opinion, you need more sniper keyword Busby SEO Test . hehehe ….

  3. yeah, just keep spirit in your busby seo test.
    don’t be like me, i spent much of my time for facebook and chat :D
    it’s too difficult for me to leave facebook or YM and do hard optimization in busby seo test. help me please….
    you have much chance to take over my position due to my laziness. :D
    ayo pak, kito ampun kalah kaliyan tiyang-tiyang bali niko. Wong jawa tengah kudu luwih jago. nggih mboten pak? :D

  4. inggih sinuwun, kedahipun kito-kito saget bersaing kalihan tiyang-tiyang meniko wakakak

  5. Semoga sukses dengan Busby SEO test nya. Mudah-mudahan secuil dukungan dari saya bisa membantu mengangkat kualitas SEO anda, terimakasih.

  6. I am sorry because you can not win Busby SEO test….keep try to another contest bro

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