Thursday, 24 February 2011

George Huguely Trial

C-Ville: This Just In The preliminary trial date for George Huguely, the former fourth-year student and UVA lacrosse player charged with the homicide of fellow student Yeardley Love, has been ...George Huguely May Get Plea Deal In Yeardley Love Death Read More: George Huguely, George Huguely Case, George Huguely News, George Huguely Plea Deal, George Huguely Trial, Yeardley Love, Yeardley Love Case, Yeardley Love Cause ...George Huguely Trial | George Huguely Latest News Update ... George Huguely Latest News Update -- George Huguely trial has not yet been started. Up to now, he still resides in Charlottesville jail.Huguely receives date for preliminary trial A preliminary hearing for the trial of George Huguely has been set for Jan. 21. Huguely is charged with the homicide of fellow University student and lacrosse player ...George Huguely Court Hearing Being Moved The upcoming preliminary hearing for former University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely is changing dates and locations, as court officials brace for a trial ...C-Ville: Features - Both George Huguely and Demonte Burgess will ... [Editor's note: After C-VILLE went to press, the date for George Huguely's next appearance ... I think the other thing that comes into play is the venue where the trial is heldPlea Deal in U.Va. Beating Death? - Report: Talks Ongoing for George Huguely, Who Admits He Hit Ex Yeardley Love during ... attorney, I have to say to my client, 'If we roll the dice and go to trial ...

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