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Advantages That You Can Get From Namecheap

Here, although I wrote the title like referring you, but actually I have no intention to advertise its products. I just need to share my own experience about namecheap, one of the best registrars ever on earth. As you all know, amidst the hard competition nowadays, many domain registrar are trying to get as many buyers with various features. I am in purpose to talk about namecheap considering that I have good experience with them, yeah, at least I never had big problem so far.

So, just check the advantages that you can get from namecheap below. It's really based on my own experience. You can avoid or follow me later.
1. The price given is not so expensive, but it's not the cheapest. Price given is average than the other registrars.
2. There is free whoisguard for each domain registered in the first year.
3. Many coupon code available free on the net.
4. Good online support, whenever you have a problem, both for domain and web hosting issues, you'll get some help immediately.
5. Easy to transfer considering that EPP code is already shown in your member area.

That's some advantages that you can get from namecheap. I am pretty sure that there's available another that I forgot to mention. Whether you're going to purchase there or not, it's up to you. I don't make any referral link here.

Okay, that's all for today. Hopefully my article on some advantages that you can get from namecheap is so useful for everybody. Bye!

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