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Hard Work Is Our Energy For Pertamina Employee

Working in a certain company, especially like in the biggest state oil gas company Pertamina, must be considered as a pride by several people. Yet, I can't pretend that many of them just think about it as a very usual condition. Anyway, if you're there, I bet all of you already familiar with hard work is our energy or  kerja keras adalah energi kita pertamina employee. Yeah, it's a new slogan for all employees and for the company itself. Here, I just try to analyze what the hidden meaning from that phrases. Hopefully we can understand what's the main purpose behind. However, before I start, please let me tell you for second that it's just based on my personal opinion, which mean, it can be different with the idea on the big boss' head of PT. Pertamina.

Do you think hard work is our energy for pertamina employee really? Let's analyze it each words than we divide it into two parts. Hard work, as for now is not easy to get a job and money, I bet most people will work hard to achieve their dream. Not only pertamina employees, but also most human live. While the second, the spirit becomes an energy. Well, this a little bit funny considering that any living creatures must have an energy. So, what does it mean then? Do they think we should hard work to have the energy?

I am not an expert in linguistic subject. Even, I used to write with numbers of grammar errors which for some people used to complain me very terrible. However, try to understand these words deeply turn me those opinion. If you were me, then what do you think about hard work is our energy pertamina employees? Is this motto or slogan are really full of meaning that can help their employees become better hard workers?

I am just pessimistic that the motto is only slogan without real practical. Yet, it's not my business of course. What I am trying to tell you is that hard work is our energy for pertamina employee could mean nothing without an effort, if possible never ending efforts. Hmm... am sorry I forgot to tell you that in the main language, it means kerja keras adalah energi kita pertamina employee. Got it? Now let me go. Bye and don't go away from this blog.

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