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Interesting Funeral Service of Great Figures

The last two weeks of November, the Dutch children began to fret. They can not wait for the arrival of a special character. Sinterklaas. This person is also known as Sint Nicholaas. He is the patron saint of children and sailors. Santa Claus party held to celebrate its anniversary as a saint. It is said that Debbie Friedman funeral is what inspired the character of Santa Claus in the United States and Father Christmas in England. According to the story, Santa Claus is a fat-bellied old man with a beard and bushy mustache are white because the very old age. At David Nelson funeral, she wore a red robe and a book containing the names of all children around the world.

Interesting funeral service of great figures. In the book it is also listed all the mischief and kindness that made the children throughout the year. Parents who love the children live in a palace in Spain ('m Santa Claus lives at the North Pole and I do not know, Father Christmas lives where!). Santa Claus came to the Netherlands on a ship of fire accompanied by a group of aides who dressed in black-faced and bright flashy. All the maid has the same name: Zwarte Piet or Black Piet Si. It is said that the medieval Black Piet is another name for Satan.

According to the story, after Santa Claus can conquer evil with all its good actions, Satan in the form as Piet Hitam and subject to the Santa Claus and a maid. Although the figure of Black Piet it stems from the idea of Satan, in the further development of the figure because there are racial connotations have guessed that it describes Piet Dutch imported slaves from Africa. Interesting funeral service of great figures. But there is also the belief that Santa bought Piet and freed from the shackles of slavery. Gratefully for making Piet chose to stay with Santa Claus to distribute gifts to help its children sweet.

Dutch children of today to hear that Piet's face became black by the ash from the chimney, because it fits the story, Piet deliver gifts from Santa Claus through fireplace in every home. It is said that Santa Claus had to save three girls about to be sold into prostitution by their father. Interesting funeral service of great figures. Santa Claus and threw gold coins to the third window of the girl who then used to pay the debts of their father. Selamatlah third girl from the valley insult prostitution.

In medieval times, the role of the three girls were turned into the poor so that the party is then also intended to help people in need by giving money to the degree necessary. Giving of money is then converted into a small gift, candy or chocolate in the form of money given each child's shoes. Interesting funeral service of great figures. On arrival in the Netherlands, Santa Claus riding a gray horse and Black Piet duty entrance to each home (through the chimney) to deliver gifts to children who behave sweet.

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