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No Interesting Car Passing On The Street Tonight

Bang fireworks voice sounded faint almost a quarter of an hour after 12 o'clock at night. Light streaks of red, yellow, orange and green colored sky faintly City Ekaterinburg, Russia. Only lasted a minute, sound and light fireworks that were shouted to each other and then slowly disappear. Dark night and the biting cold be a true friend enter the year 2011. In the afternoon, eight hours before the turn of the year, hundreds of people had crowded into a small supermarket on the outskirts of town. No interesting car passing on the street tonight. Queue to the cashier began snaking through the aisles between storage racks goods. Any person carrying a basket full of groceries from food, drink until the paper decorations. Turn of the year is near and everyone wanted to celebrate.

However Ekaterinburg - the city with a population of around 1.3 million people - before the new year is not busy as a typical day. The people, especially students, many who choose to go home to where his family out of town to celebrate the turn of the year. For those who can not go home, celebrate the New Year with a dinner with friends becomes entertainment. The roads in town which is usually crowded in the afternoon, after hours of work, it looks deserted. Ornaments and colored lights already adorn buildings, apartments and houses.

But the atmosphere of the deserted city still felt. Entering the night, the city grew quiet. No interesting car passing on the street tonight. Snowplow trucks were out early to clean the road. Winter is arriving early. Snow already meet Ekaterinburg since late October. The snow may last for two full days. The temperature even dropped to minus 35 degrees Celsius. But before the turn of the year, the weather started to friends. Unlike last year's cooler temperatures at night this time around the turn of the year around minus 12 degrees Celsius.

Lonely and cold does not mean there are no celebrations to welcome the new year. The square in the city center around the statue of Lenin and platinka, field on the banks of the River Iset, still the main place of gathering of people celebrating the New Year. No interesting car passing on the street tonight. Iset River has long been frozen, but the celebration of the new year brings enough warmth for the people who gathered there. Unlike Jakarta, no pageantry and fanfare of trumpets that enliven the turn of the year in Ekaterinburg.

Fireworks became the main show on New Year's Eve in the city, a distance of about 1,600 miles east of Moscow. After that, people congratulated each new year and return home to their respective homes. Almost an hour had passed since 2011, officially started in Ekaterinburg. Public transportation has stopped operating force people to walk fast in the cold to come home. Occasionally they stopped to watch the fireworks lit little stuck in the snow. No interesting car passing on the street tonight. Small explosions and sparks of red-green-yellow light that flew into the air immediately greeted by laughter and shouts of greeting the new year.

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