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Possibilities To Manage Family Business Professionally

Family company is certainly going to choose members of their families as the holder of the reins of leadership. The second generation who continue the family business could have a child, nephew, grandchild, or brother who still has a family relationship. So, is it possible the family business handed down to other people that there is no relationship or family line, but a professional in the field? Princess Kuswisnu Wardani, second-generation successor to the cosmetics company PT Mustika Ratu, said family members will be the first priority in choosing a successor to the family business. However, says Prince, of course not the original choice, should have the willingness and ability of doing business.

Possibilities to manage family business professionally. "Family members have to do adaptation and interaction within the company away days. It takes place naturally and family members must be willing and able to run it. It must be whole-heartedly through the process of running experience. If you are sure you want to and seen his will, the leadership succession process run more intense, including an understanding of philosophy in the family business which has been running successfully, "said the Princess when met after the procession Compass Female succession to the top of the leader of PT Mustika Ratu in Jakarta, Wednesday (01/12/2011).

The transition of leadership of family business successor to the recipient (second or subsequent generation) requires the readiness of both parties, said the Princess. Both the successor and receiving countries should be fully prepared to undergo a succession of changes in leadership in family firms. Possibilities to manage family business professionally. "Therefore, it takes a long time, can not be instant in preparing a succession of family business leadership," said the Princess who underwent the process 25 years until finally entrusted with the responsibility of continuing the family business.

According to Princess, the family business may be continued by the professionals who carry out duties as a leader. Possibilities to manage family business professionally. In this case the family's role as a commissioner or shareholders. If this option is considered better by the family company, a procession of succession should also be done gradually.

"Professionals who choose to continue the family business had long been involved in the company. The process of succession is also exactly the same way as family members," he explains. Although professionals may be chosen as leader of the family business, this would be a last resort. Choosing a professional as a leader of the family company also allows a risk of mistrust of the family. Possibilities to manage family business professionally. "Choosing a family member at least further reduce the risk of mistrust of the family as a whole," he said.

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