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Red and White Flag Fluttering on The Stadium

In Stadium Shah Alam, Selangor, drizzle did not stop mericik. Field so wet, tens of thousands of spectators were soaked. After all, they remained faithful await the match was held. Was delayed for 15 minutes, the game finally started, too. This is the fight that they've been waiting for: the host squad to face FC Selangor Melaka team. Always boisterous cheers when player Selangor had the ball and the opponent's defense began to stab the heart. Understandably, almost all the stands in the stadium was dominated by supporters of red-yellow flag, the flag of Selangor state. And look at one corner of the south stands.

There are also Red and white flag fluttering on the stadium. A large banner that read "bonek" reckless Bondho alias any fixed. The slogan is usually used supporters in Surabaya, East Java. But on Monday last week, they were not being supportive Persebaya. The bonek in Malaysia is always chanting the name of Bambang Pamungkas and Elie Aiboy that strengthen the Selangor team. Thus, since the two players from Indonesia joined FC Selangor, Shah Alam Stadium became more lively.

The number of spectators who are usually under 20 thousand people are now average reached 25 thousand, even once reached 50 thousand. "Because of the presence of Bambang and Elie, we got an additional approximately five thousand spectators," said Dollah Salleh, Selangor FC coach. Red and white flag fluttering on the stadium. They are workers, merchants, and students from Indonesia who were there. Bambang Pamungkas, 25, and Elie Aiboy, 26 years old, quite famous in Indonesia.

Bambang the birth of Salatiga is famous reliable striker with his header. Had "grazing" with the Dutch Division 3 team, EHC Norad, his name began mencorong after returning to Indonesia and strengthen the team Persija Jakarta. Red and white flag fluttering on the stadium.

He often appeared on the national team, despite last year could not be called again. When still a junior, Elie has ever honing his ability to play football abroad, precisely in Italy. Right winger had a chance to join a team of Semen Padang, strengthen Liverpool, before finally off to Selangor with Bambang, three months ago.

Until now players from Papua is a mainstay of Indonesia's national team. They apparently can attract many spectators, especially the Indonesian workers in Malaysia. Red and white flag fluttering on the stadium. It is also recognized by Jafar Bafagih, an Indonesian migrant workers (TKI) that night to join the bonek.

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