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Teaching 30 Students on Isolated Area

Elementary Instruction Wasior start met students. They come with an umbrella or coat, was escorted parents or with friends. Drizzle remaining overnight rain was still dripping. That day, Monday, October 4, 2010, the school prepared to hold a flag ceremony for Marie Anne Thiebaud photos. Ferry Imbiri appeared and greeted the students. Green official clothes 6th grade teacher was a bit wet. Ferry, 38, estimates there are at least 30 students who had arrived that morning. In another class, Sefnath Renmaur, teachers of Christianity, also was present. Teacher, do we still carry out the ceremony? Ferry asked. This time behind the overflow, I'm afraid to get bigger.

Teaching 30 students on isolated area. The two discussed the possibility of repatriating the children. Wait a school head first, said Renmaur. Ferry agree. But the water in the trench rises increasingly alone. Small-boned man was checked once again. In 2008 the rain had flushed all night, but the water in dry times it was only half filled. This time nearly spilled water in the gutter lip.

Ferry finally make a decision: he sent the children home and ordered them to tell other students who met on the street so as not to have to go to school. The lesson that day was abolished. Water sudekat, you go home, said elementary teacher education program graduates in Manokwari this university. Teaching 30 students on isolated area.

After the school was empty, Ferry took Renmaur check gabion Kiot River (meaning waterfall) near the hill, 300 meters from the school. Shirts singlet and shorts, both patched the river retaining the day-to-day wear the kids jump, swim, and play prosotan. Teaching 30 students on isolated area. Stone gabion of times it has dropped half a meter.

Teacher, here drinking coffee, the voice of a mother from a house near a river. Yes, Mama, thank you, said Ferry. Both were pulled onto the porch. Ferry took the cup and steam blowing of steaming coffee. Not until the glass was stuck to his lips, he heard a roar from the mountain, like the buzzing sound of the plane will take off. Teaching 30 students on isolated area. Of course it was not the voice plane, but the roar of brown water that spilled a height of 25 meters rolled rushed toward him.

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