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The Lost of Great Traditions of Human Civilization

Apart from all the controversy and scientific debate that accompanies it, the thesis geologist and a nuclear physicist from Brazil, Arysio Santos, which referred to Indonesia as the real location of Atlantis, the lost continent in Seologi story, may have a point. Santos associate a lot of oral tradition in ancient Greece, such as Hesiod and Homer's poetry, with geological events. The lost of great traditions of human civilization due to geological disasters such as volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Santos, for instance, writes, the opening of the Sunda Strait because of volcanic eruptions (Krakatau) is associated with Hesiod story about a big gap (khasma mega), where all the sailors have died if crossed. Santos also cited the traditional saga of Buddha, the Jataka, which tells of Supparaka, the best sailors and is one of the avatars of Buddha. The lost of great traditions of human civilization. Supparaka its way in the ocean south arrived in the area known as Vadavamukha, the gates of a fiery hell.

By Santos, Vadavamukha concluded as a caldera of Krakatoa which is below sea level. He also connects Vadavamukha story with great works of Homer, Odyssey, which tells about the saga of Ulysses and his voyage to southern seas. According to Santos, Ulysses see what Supparaka encountered, but by Homer called the whirlpool Charybdis or death.

In chapter 2 of his book, Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, Santos writes, anyone who would compare the details of the poetry of Homer with Jataka story, it will realize both come from the same source, which is very ancient. The lost of great traditions of human civilization. Furthermore, Santos concluded, Vadavamukha geographical features can actually be found in parts of Indonesia, not in the Mediterranean Sea (where the culture of Ancient Greece) or Atlantis, which its name is almost the same as the word Atlantic.

In the seminar, the Association of Oral Tradition (ATL) in Louth, November 2010, a seminar participant questioned whether it is impossible to track thesis Santos of wealth oral traditions of the archipelago. He believed, with the wealth and diversity of oral traditions in the archipelago, it is probably the area now called Indonesia was indeed the center of world civilization.

According to ATL activist from East Java, Henry Nurcahyo, oral traditions such as the fairy tale actually does not just show up without an underlying facts. That fairy tale or folk tale is then seasoned fantasy and imagination of speakers, that's another issue. Clearly, the tale usually appear after the fact. Tale of Sangkuriang emerged after Mount Tangkubanparahu. The lost of great traditions of human civilization. Tale of the Lake Toba also appear after it is Lake Toba. Usually appear after the fairy tale is recounted facts.

Viewing saga series and analyzed the oral traditions of Ancient Greece Santos to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, especially those associated with Atlantis, as a form of modern civilization thousands of years before Christ, might be the thesis that Brazilian scientists have a point.

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