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Abhisit Faces Violation of Human Right Charges

Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Thailand Prime Minister, faces violation of human rights charges for ordering a military operation to fight against the demonstrators. The allegations was appeared from the opposition in a debate in the parliament, Monday, May 31, 2010. A member of parliament, Wittaya Buranasiri, as quoted from the page of Channel News Asia said the demonstrators take action in accordance with the constitution. Meanwhile, the crushing operation is not based on international standards, causing 89 people dead and nearly 1900 injured.

He also thinks the government failed to solve economic problems. "This country will experience a crisis that will be difficult to overcome if the government is allowed to continue to govern," he continued.

Abhisit still survive despite the PM position has been protested for over two months by the "Red Shirt".

Demonstrations "Red Shirt" which successfully closed in the May 19 and then through a military operation in the heart of Bangkok, which became the center of the action the protesters.

Abhisit, which surprised many because it can remain in office, is expected to pass vote of no confidence from the parliament for his party's coalition holds a majority of votes in the lower house. However, as has been mentioned earlier, Abhisit faces violation of human right charges after the use of military force.

Abhisit defend himself above all criticism. "The government and the military did not intend to attack anyone," he said. "What happens is there is a group of militiamen who attacked the army and triggered a clash."

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