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Leader Has No Guts To Solve The Country’s Problem

People have turned to inter-religious figures as their aspirations are no longer channeled through the House, parties-except the opposition-or the politicians. List of 18 lies of government plus the data prepared bodies of accurate worker. Please understand interfaith leaders have no interest in transactional politics. Its main function, as Buya Syafii Maarif, reminding leaders / officials / politicians who "feel right even in a false path." Messages central / essential statements interfaith leaders: the denial of the 1945 Constitution is now happening in the field of ideology, social, political, economic, legal, and others.

Leader has no guts to solve the country's problem. Two immediate problems which deny the 1945 Constitution, namely Gayusgate and Centurygate. Not to mention the latent problems, such as the eradication of corruption is selective, fat accounts police generals, poverty, unemployment, hunger, and religious intolerance. Government gasped, offended, reactive, defensive, even impressed panicky. Palace immediately invite interfaith leaders, the first step to dialogue with each other, unfortunately, less liquid, all-round protocol, and closed.

Makes sense some people disappointed that the communication patterns Palace has not changed. Some thought perhaps the meeting was still no benefit. Some do not care anymore. Ideally, inter-religious leaders invited President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to dialogue (not monologue) that fluid and informal. Leader has no guts to solve the country's problem. More ideal more open and ongoing dialogue broadcast live for the people to watch. We need a new consensus for running the government survived until 2014. On the other hand, there is a sense of fear of causing political turmoil that the end result can not terkirakan by anyone.

Some critics called the threat of inter-faith leaders we are entering a period of a failed state. Indeed the state and nation have not failed. However, the pemimpinlah that failed. We entered the process of political decay (political decay) that begins by the legitimacy of the election / the disputed 2009 election to the Constitutional Court. Leader has no guts to solve the country's problem. Once that happens the social and political events of the absurd, the lizard vs crocodile, Centurygate, fat accounts, Gaius, attacks on diversity, and so on.

We are waiting for the settlement of various issues. However, what happened instead of waiting in vain that makes people automatically lose hope. We even witnessed the political soap opera that is not funny played by leaders and politicians are amateurs. Leader has no guts to solve the country's problem. Political decay that is the real threat because of political decay will proceed by the process of delegitimation holders of power, and it is already happening in various circles of society are increasingly troubled by the social frustration.

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