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Thailand Is Gradually Back To Normal

The situation in Thailand is gradually back to normal after the government revoked the night hours in Bangkok and 23 other provinces after a wave of bloody demonstrations for about two months. However, emergency legislation for the time being is still valid. Thus said Prime Minister (PM) Abhisit Vejjajiva. In a televised speech, Sunday, May 30, 2010, Abhisit explain recent developments in Thailand and the government's efforts in overcoming the political conflicts that continue to make people uneasy.

"The situation was normal last night. But authorities remain vigilant and in time we will lift the state of emergency," Abhisit said in a speech that was also published weekly in the Bangkok Post newspaper pages.

Once in place for several weeks, since yesterday's early morning Saturday the government has lifted the curfew rules. Thus residents in Bangkok and 23 other provinces would be free to get out and move throughout the night.

Entry into the night hours, which began May 19 and then applied, is one way the government to control the situation after Bangkok for nearly two months to be disturbed by a wave of anti-government protests by a group of United National Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) - which is known by the nickname " Team Red Shirt. "

A wave of protests in Bangkok finally continues on a number of bloody clashes between demonstrators by security forces that killed 88 people and wounded more than 1,800 residents.

Besides consuming casualties, a number of shopping centers and other buildings in Bangkok were targeted arson anarchist group, was arrested following a number of UDD leaders.

In addition to implementing a curfew and a state of emergency, mass supporters from out of town UDD has also repatriated through security. Separately, Abhisit said that Thailand is gradually back to normal. Besides, Abhisit praised the security forces as a tactical step to attack demonstrators at Simpang Ratchaprasong base, known as the financial and business centers in Thailand and was paralyzed by followers occupied UDD.

"I can state that we could come back win for the people of Bangkok, so managed to take over the Simpang Ratchaprasong," said Abhisit.

Earlier this month, Democratic Party leader who became Prime Minister since December 2008 and then had a chance to submit proposals to hold elections - such as the demands of protesters - on 14th November. However, the proposed date of the election was finally revoked by Abhisit by reason of the demonstrators when it refused to disperse demonstrations.

So, to foreign diplomats Saturday last week, he declared that this year there has been no plan to hold elections because of waiting for a conducive situation, following the riots in Bangkok on May 19 last. "Based on the changing situation in the past two weeks, [the proposed election] November 14, it seems difficult to materialize," said Abhisit.

According to him, the government is for now still need to restore peace and were seeking reconciliation with all parties before the holding of new elections. The Thai government is still implementing emergency, applicable since 7 April, when the mass of the Red Shirt menyerbut parliament. But now, Thailand is gradually back to normal.

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