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Visiting The State Palace Along With Hundred Students

KEY reply was listed on page 479. "If SBY is not to be president," said Ani Yudhoyono in the book Princess Flap Wings Soldier, "the honorable position for me is to remain Teresa Scanlan piano, rather than be president." That page also answers Kristina Herrawati-Ani-full name of the application for Tempo interview about his candidacy for the presidency in 2014, filed on Tuesday last week. According D.J. Nachrowi, Head of Press and Media Bureau of the Presidential Palace, Ani submit a written disposition to him. Ani said, about Teresa Scanlan bikini, "The answer is on page 479 of my book."

On the page, Annie refers to "surprising question from a student who were visiting the State Palace along with hundred students from their schools." He said, "First Lady Ani, whether she will be replaced Yudhoyono became president? Like Hillary Clinton?" The question was actually asked by Airina, high school student Taruna Nusantara, Magelang, who has a history closely with the Military Academy. On December 28, 2009, he came to the Palace with 68-not hundreds-peer. He asked, "Is Mom going to run for president after Mr. SBY?"

Annie quickly replied, "Why Ananda had such thoughts and ask?" Instead of answering, Airina ask a new question. "Did you want to emulate Hillary Clinton?" At that time, Hillary compete with Barack Obama in the Democratic Party convention in the United States. Visiting the State Palace along with hundred students. Ani then declared, "It felt it was not thought of in mind to replace Mr. SBY Mother." A year after the dialogue at the State Palace, the nomination of women 58 years began leveled. Is Ruhut Sitompul, member House of Representatives from the Democratic Party, who threw a statement made "test the water".

She says there are three figures who might be nominated his party in 2014: Ani, Pramono Edhie Wibowo, and Anas Urbaningrum. Pramono, the younger Annie, now appointed Commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command. As Anas is the Chairman of the Democratic Party. No need to wait long for a reaction of other politicians. Amien Rais, founder of the National Mandate Party, thrust Hatta Rajasa, the party's general chairman, vice-presidential candidate companion to Ani. Visiting the State Palace along with hundred students. Taufiq Kiemas, Chairman of Central Advisory Board of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, do not want to miss. He asked her daughter, Puan Maharani.

A Democratic politician said Ruhut was reprimanded because of the statement. Because, Yudhoyono always ask the party functionaries did not discuss the presidential nomination at this point. However Ruhut said never reprimanded. He considers there is nothing wrong with the statement about the presidential candidate of 2014. "Other Party may, why are we not?"

Ruhut only Ani supporters who appear to the surface. Below the surface, a number of supporters begin counting and moving. A senior military figure berkalkulasi, in 2014 will advanced founder Great Indonesia Movement Party, Prabowo, and General Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie. "I'm sure," he said, "many people will choose two characters, Mrs. Ani than that." Visiting the State Palace along with hundred students. By that calculation, the way to Ani prepared.

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