Monday, 28 February 2011

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Carissa Putri Current Position

Almost a month this blog take a part on busby seo test competition, and during that moment, there are a lot of things happened here. For the very first time, Carissa Putri blog was not even seen in the first hundred pages or the second hundreds pages. If i am not wrong, Carissa Putri blog [...]

Today’s Report

Today’s report conducted with busby seo test results is going worst. Carissa Putri homepage move to rank 146 then for the article busby seo test itself move to rank 99. Even so, I will never give up to try my luck at least till next 31st January 2008. While for the top ten results, Dewaji [...]

11 Year Old Gives Birth

Since several hours ago, people are interested to know the truth of 11 year old gives birth, however, is it really true? Just check out the details of the article that I will provide here soon. Yet, before you read it, I need to say that it’s not a rumor but true. Yeah, there is [...]

Looking For Cheap Tickets?

As of we live in the modern life, where entertainment and sports are being considered as a basic need, of course reserving any tickets to watch football game, soccer or even baseball game are very normal. However, sometimes we will have any difficulty to reserve it, either for fully reserved reason or even the price [...]

Some References To Boost Site’s Traffic

Anytime, if you have already entered the online business world, especially if you decided to be an online publisher, the only way to get more money is traffic, either one time visit or even loyal visitors. Unfortunately, some of us used to face many difficulty how to boost site’s traffic. Mostly, we lack of some [...]