Monday, 14 February 2011

Vacancies March 2011

INDIAN AIR FORCE. RECRUITMENT OF GROUP (X) FOR THE EDUCATOIN INSTRUCTIOR FOR MARCH 2011COURSE. Applications are invited for appointment on the post of Non Commissioned officers ...Indian air force Group X vacancies march 2011 Course ... INDIAN AIR FORCE. RECRUITMENT OF GROUP (X) FOR THE EDUCATOIN ... (b) The date of birth of any ...Special Drive for Recruitment of Assistant Professor, Exclusively for SC/ST Categories. (Backlog Vacancies) NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, JAMSHEDPUR invites applications ...Closing date for applications: Friday 11 February 2011 Interviews scheduled: 1st/2nd March 2011. xxxxxxxxxxx. Shrewsbury House School have the following vacancies:2 maternity cover vacancies – nia project – 17th February 2011; wisewords – alternative arts – march 2011; Wisewords Comedy Night – Alternative Arts – 4th March 2011Telecommunications Commission - Two vacancies to fill three-year terms, March 13, 2011 - March 13, 2014. APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 5:00 P.M., WED., March 16, 2011.Round 1 - Vacancies 2011 ... 7th March 2011: 4th-8th April & 11th-15th April 2011: TBA (London) CLICK HERE

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